Bob Schlichte - keynote speaker

Bob Schlichte

Keynote Speaker

Introducing Bob Schlichte!

Expert Shipbuilder: Building long-standing ships and personal growth!

A self-proclaimed introvert, Bob Schlichte taught himself to push outside his comfort zone to refine the art of ship building -- the building of friendships, relationships, partnerships and sponsorships. Bob shares how to develop a foundation that will strengthen all of your ships and lead you to a more rewarding personal and professional life.

No matter the industry, Bob delivers a relevant and applicable message that will improve communication, strengthen personal ship building, and promote leadership. His engaging stories reveal the importance of a solid network and leave audiences inspired and motivated to reinforce their own.

Key Take-a-ways

  • Gain motivation to get outside your comfort zone and develop life-long ships
  • Be inspired to become a better communicator and leader
  • Discover how to use your existing network to move your ship forward
  • Learn how to survive as an introvert in an extrovert world
  • Recognize how friendships and relationships bring you inside your comfort zone
  • Understand the importance creating a solid foundation and being able to apply it
  • Identify the key ships to approach